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How honey bees make honey

How honey bees make honey

How do bees make honey? Surely, lovers of this delicacy have repeatedly wondered how these workers manage to create such a unique and useful product from plant nectar. We will tell you about the process of producing honey by bees. By the way, did you know that this is the only food for humans, created by insects?

Honey is made from nectar that bees extract from melliferous plants. Its sources are various shrubs, flowers and plants. The spring thaw and flowering become ideal times for the painstaking work of bees to process the first honey plants.

Stages of honey production by bees

The process of how bees make honey from nectar is divided into several complex steps. Having familiarized yourself with them, you are amazed at what skillful and complex skill these insects possess!

The beginning of the process is the search for melliferous plants. Moreover, each bee has its own function! So, in the hive there are scout bees, collecting bees and young receiving bees. The task of the first is to find sources of nectar and report the find to the pickers. Information is conveyed through the circling dance of winged insects. As a result, scouts and gatherers fly to the found honey plants.

Arriving at the place, the gatherers collect nectar using a proboscis. At the same time, it mixes with the secretion of the mouth of an insect rich in enzymes. This process is one of the key steps in how bees make honey.

The next stage in the preparation of honey is the spreading of nectar into honeycomb cells. The receiving bee fills the cells of the honeycomb drop by drop, and the evaporation of moisture from the nectar is achieved by natural ventilation of the hive as a result of the circling of insects. As the honey ripens, the receptionists transfer the nectar to different cells.

The amazing thing about how honey is made is the process of converting sucrose to fructose and glucose. The chemical reaction is carried out by means of a special enzyme, “invertase”, produced in the insect’s proboscis. The nectar combined with bee secretions and oxygen initiates the hydrolysis process. At its end, a product is born, the chemical composition of which contains up to 75% of easily digestible sugars (glucose and fructose).

· The product ripens when the moisture content is no more than 21%. The process of making honey from bees is almost complete! The craftswomen seal the honeycomb with a refreshing healing delicacy with wax cells. The elixir, which has no analogues in its chemical composition, as well as useful and nutritious properties, is ready! The resulting product has a moderately thick and uniform texture, golden hue, tart aroma and rich sweet taste, with the presence of a slight bitterness!

This is how complex, amazing and painstaking the process of how bees make honey is. Think about how logical and skillful it is to prepare a favorite product from nectar.