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honey path

The first honey with history

Treatment data

It all starts with an analysis of data on the quality of honey purchased from beekeepers in previous years. Taking into account the rating of beekeepers who supplied us with honey earlier, we are forming a long list of those from whom we will buy honey of the new harvest.


Preliminary contact

We contact the beekeepers and clarify how things are with the harvest, are they ready to sell honey this year, we clarify our current standards and requirements.


Batch selection

Each crop is unique. The honey from the same beekeeper can be very different from year to year. After agreeing on the principled readiness to sell honey, we take samples from each container into which the beekeeper has downloaded honey on the spot, mark, seal and reserve the batch. We send the selected samples to the laboratory.


Factory delivery

After laboratory testing, the consignments of honey that meet the requirements are sent from the collection points to the natural products factory in Zarechny.


Laboratory control

At the factory, each incoming batch undergoes repeated laboratory control. Data on labeling from each container are entered into a single register for personal accounting of honey from the beekeeper to the jar.



Most types of honey undergo dissolution and filtration before packaging. Dissolution is the process of transferring honey from a solid (shrunken) state into liquid for subsequent packaging. In dissolution there is nothing bad for honey - containers with honey are placed in a chamber at a temperature not exceeding 39 ° С, where, depending on the variety, they bloom to a liquid state in 1-4 days. Then the honey is filtered and sent to packaging.



When packing honey, we take into account which particular beekeeper's honey we are packing. To preserve the history of the origin of honey, we mark each jar with an individual number, which can be used to identify the beekeeper who collected the honey. We also put a QR code on the packaging of the "SELECTED" line, following which you can see the beekeepers who have collected honey.



We make sure that our honey is not damaged by external factors upon delivery to the buyer. Here it is important, first of all, that the temperature regime is not disturbed during delivery and storage, especially in the summer season. The key to maintaining the quality of honey at this stage for us is the right partners.


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