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Questions about honey

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Is honey pasteurized?

Pasteurization of honey is sometimes done by unscrupulous producers to ensure the homogeneity of the honey and keep it liquid for a long time. This destroys the structure of the enzymes that make up honey, including those providing its value. Honey “Berestov A.S.” is not subject to pasteurization.

How is honey good for the stomach?

Honey is a food with potential alkalinity, therefore it is used in the treatment of stomach diseases with increased
acidity. Honey has an anti-inflammatory effect on stomach diseases, normalizes acidity and has a beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora. For gastritis, it is recommended to take on an empty stomach 30-35 g of honey, dissolving it in a glass of warm water. When treating stomach honey, it is better to choose dark varieties (buckwheat, chestnut), they contain more mineral salts and have higher alkalinity than light varieties.

What is monofloral honey?

Monofloral honey is honey produced by bees from nectar collected mainly from plants of the same species (for example: linden, acacia, buckwheat honey). The opposite of monofloral honey is polyfloral honey, for which bees collect nectar from different plants (mountain, taiga, meadow, flower honey).

Propolis tincture

Take 10g of propolis, fill 100ml with 70% alcohol (you can use vodka). Insist the resulting substance for 7-8 days, shaking several times during the day.

What are the properties of propolis?

In the composition of propolis, there are more than 50 types of various substances, including plant resins, tannins and essential oils that form a natural balm, wax, vitamins, organic aromatic acids. Propolis is used for the early healing of wounds, tuberculosis and common colds, sore throat and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.