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In addition to the ability to treat acute respiratory infections and increase immunity, high-quality honey can relieve many other diseases, as well as weaken the course of chronic ailments. The beneficial properties of honey make it possible to use it, including in the treatment of diseases of the lower extremities.

As a rule, treatment of feet with honey is carried out not simply with the help of a bee product, but in combination with other components: medicinal herbs, sea salt, iodine. Honey infusions and ointments based on it are also used.

Honey drinks

Interestingly, taking honey drinks also has a beneficial effect on the condition of the legs. For example, rheumatoid pains can be soothed with lingonberry tea with honey.

It is prepared like this: 2 tbsp. l. leaves are poured with boiling water, allowed to brew, then honey is added. A drink made from pine buds with honey also helps with rheumatism: the buds are brewed like tea, honey is put into the already cooled drink. It is useful not only for treating feet with honey, but also for raising tone and immunity: pine buds are rich in vitamin C and have antibacterial properties, like honey.

For the treatment of arthritis, an alcoholic tincture of aloe leaf in honey is used (200 ml of each substance, insist for a day in a dark place, take on an empty stomach at tbsp).

Compresses and massage with honey

These funds are salvation from many diseases of the legs, including arthritis, arthrosis, gout. The beneficial properties of honey and its complex molecular structure allow product particles to penetrate deeply into the tissues and act directly on the affected area. Regular use of honey compresses will strengthen the result and make the attacks of the disease less frequent and weaker.

For the treatment of feet with honey by means of massage or compresses, a product initially liquid or diluted in a water bath is taken. The procedure is best done after a bath or bath, so that the legs are steamed – this is how the treatment will work better. Massage is done on the affected area with light rubbing movements for 5-7 minutes, then a cotton cloth is applied to this place in several layers, wrapped with a woolen scarf on top and left for several hours or overnight.

In the case of a compress, honey is applied to the fabric and the sore spot is tied. Honey is a very strong medicine for joints, therefore, the treatment is carried out in 2 week courses, and the massage itself is done every other day. An additional effect can be achieved if honey is added to a decoction of medicinal herbs (chamomile, nettle, wormwood) and applied to the affected areas as a compress.

Honey for varicose veins

Honey compresses and wraps, as well as ingestion, are also effective for varicose veins. Due to the ability to improve blood flow, honey treatment for varicose veins helps even in advanced stages, and mixed with butter – heals trophic ulcers.

Treatment of legs with honey for varicose veins is carried out by means of wraps, light massages and baths (100 g of honey in 5 liters of water, keep feet in solution for 15 minutes). Do not neglect honey drinks with herbs – so varicose veins will go away faster.