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A rare person does not know about the healing properties of the main bee gift – honey. However, the properties of honey make it possible to use it not only for health purposes. Today’s story is about how to put honey at the service of female youth and beauty with the help of scrubs.

No doubt, the store range of body and face cleansers is impressive. You can choose a scrub for every taste, color and wealth. However, if you look at the composition of such a product, you will see many incomprehensible names of chemicals. They are unlikely to be able to benefit your body. Even if the remains of the scrub are washed off with water, where is the guarantee that the harmful “chemistry” did not have time to exert its destructive effect? Unlike the purchased ones, the honey scrub contains only natural ingredients created by nature itself. It gently cleanses, makes the skin soft and fresh, while you do not have to worry about negative consequences.

Honey has a calming and toning effect on the skin. Combined with other natural ingredients, it can both relieve acne, inflammation and acne, and moisturize dry, flaky skin. The constant use of a honey-based scrub will balance the natural state of your skin, improve your complexion, and leave your body soft and pleasant to the touch.

The easiest recipe for a honey scrub is with sea salt. Mix these products 1: 1 and apply to the entire body, focusing on the abdomen and thighs. Rub in gently for a while, then rinse off with water. This scrub enhances blood flow, makes the skin elastic, has a beneficial effect on blood vessels and helps to fight cellulite. It is better to do this procedure after a bath or in a sauna – steamed skin promotes the penetration of the scrub deep into the skin.

The most fragrant and pleasant is the honey-strawberry scrub. You need to knead half a glass of strawberries, add a teaspoon of honey and olive oil, stir in a gruel. It is useful to apply not only on the face, but also on the body. 20 minutes of exposure to such a scrub will not only cleanse and tone your skin, but also help reduce signs of aging.

To moisturize dry skin, use a honey, sour cream and coffee scrub. For him you need a teaspoon of sour cream, olive oil, ground coffee and honey. 2 minutes of light rubbing into the skin – and you can go to wash with warm water.

Oily skin is cleaned with a mixture of slightly warmed honey and rice crushed in a coffee grinder, diluted with warm water to a gruel state. The composition is applied to the face, massaged for a minute and left for another 5 minutes.

You can balance combination skin with a honey and cosmetic clay scrub. For him you will need a teaspoon of honey and cosmetic clay (preferably blue), a tablespoon of milk powder and a half teaspoon of sea salt. Stir everything, apply to damp face skin, massage for about a minute and rinse.

Has the constant stress reflected on your skin and it looks tired and dull? A revitalizing honey-mint scrub will help you. Brew mint tea from natural leaves, mix a teaspoon of honey and olive oil with two tablespoons of sugar and add a spoonful of tea. Apply the mixture to your face, massage gently, and then leave for 10 minutes and rinse with the same mint tea.

Contraindications to the use of honey scrub are few. First, it is an allergy to honey and bee products. In addition, you should not apply it if there are dilated vessels, “stars” on the face. It is also better for diabetics to avoid honey scrub. However, remember: natural, high-quality honey is best suited for use in scrubs. Only then can you count on a good result and minimize the negative reaction of the body. After the scrub, it is recommended to apply a face mask to soothe the skin.