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Honey with propolis

Honey with propolis

Propolis is a resinous sticky substance with a peculiar smell. Bees produce it to decorate their hives, as well as to protect it from uninvited guests. The rich chemical composition of propolis, which includes elements that are extremely useful for humans (vitamins, natural resins, essential oils, antibiotic substances), made propolis a highly effective therapeutic agent used both in folk and official medicine.

To enhance its beneficial effect, crushed propolis is mixed with honey at the rate of about 5 grams. “Bee glue” for 100 g of honey. Honey with propolis is an excellent means of prevention and treatment from nature itself!

For almost all diseases

First of all, it acts as a natural antibiotic and pain reliever, making it a first aid for colds, flu and other throat ailments. Such honey not only envelops the mucous membrane, thereby bringing relief, but also kills microbes, gently relieves pain and promotes rapid recovery, and it is much more pleasant to take than just chewing bitter propolis. At high temperatures, it will have an antipyretic and diaphoretic effect. It is also taken for the treatment of stomatitis, gum inflammation and pulpitis – for this, a teaspoon of honey with propolis is kept in the mouth until it dissolves. Use it if the disease has already gone further, as part of the comprehensive treatment of bronchitis, laryngitis, tracheitis, pneumonia. After illness and in the season of colds, it is also useful to use this product – it will strengthen the immune system, mobilize the body’s defenses, and accelerate regeneration.

The anti-inflammatory properties of propolis honey have found application in gynecology, in the treatment of inflammation and erosion of the cervix. Honey with propolis also works well for inflammation of internal organs, especially intestines, not only eliminating the focus of the disease, but also contributing to the formation of a healthy microflora. Such honey has a delicate diuretic and laxative effect and will be effective for constipation and cystitis. Get in the habit of starting the day with a spoonful of honey, this stimulates the secretion of bile, which means that you will not only quickly wake up and have breakfast with appetite, but you can also prevent cholecystitis and the formation of gallstones. And if you are expecting a baby, propolis honey will strengthen your body and promote the correct development of the fetus. It was not for nothing that ancient Russian healers prescribed it for severe toxicosis and the threat of miscarriage.

Take not only internally

Special attention should be paid to honey with propolis for heart patients and hypertensive patients, because this product helps to cleanse blood vessels and increase their elasticity, thereby reducing the risk of spasms. Regular use of this honey will improve blood flow to the brain and relieve recurrent migraines. If you have a tendency to thrombosis, be sure to buy a jar of propolis honey, because it thins the blood. Note that the external use of the product is no less effective. Warming compresses for sciatica, arthritis and gout are made with it. It is used for inhalation and throat irrigation; a solution of propolis honey with water is dripped into the nose and eyes to defeat rhinitis, conjunctivitis and inflammation of the cornea of ​​the eye. The tissue smeared with honey and propolis is applied to accelerate the healing of wounds, burns, erosions, and boils. In its pure form, they are treated with rashes and acne.

In general, this honey is very beneficial for the skin and forms the basis of many creams and scrubs. Some studies have shown that the antioxidant and antitoxic effect of propolis honey is so great that its regular use slows down aging. Worth a try anyway!


Propolis honey does not contain harmful substances and is contraindicated for few people – the only exceptions are those who are allergic to honey and its components. You should not get carried away with such honey, like any other, because it is not just a sweetness, but a kind of medicine that acts only when the optimal dosage is observed (1-2 tablespoons per day). Propolis honey is a nutritious product that contains enough carbohydrates to gain extra pounds when eaten uncontrolled, so dieters need to be especially strict about how much bee treats you ate.

Mixed with propolis, honey almost does not change its properties – only a slight resinous smell and a subtle bitterness will appear. Thus, any honey can be passed off as propolis, and there is a high risk of buying a fake. If you do not have the opportunity to make honey with propolis yourself, buy it from reliable suppliers who can vouch for the quality of the product. The company “Berestov A.S.” offers honey with propolis, collection “Favorites”.