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How is royal jelly obtained

How is royal jelly obtained

Royal jelly is the most valuable beekeeping product. The milk is secreted by the pharyngeal and maxillary glands of the nursing bees and is intended for feeding the larvae and the queen. The larvae feed on milk for only three days, and the uterus – throughout its life. Thanks to this, the queen weighs twice as much as a working bee and lives up to 6 years. The magical properties of “royal jelly” are also used by people to heal from many diseases.


Get royal jelly as follows. Queen larvae are selected from unsealed queen cells and royal jelly is collected with a small glass rod into clean test tubes, after pouring molten wax on them from the inside. Also, royal jelly is often collected in dark glass jars with a capacity of 75-150 g with screw caps or ground stoppers. Before filling with royal jelly, jars should be kept in a refrigerator at a temperature not exceeding 0 °. It is necessary to fill the jar with royal jelly within 1 hour (no more).

When placing milk in a jar, it is necessary to ensure that the jar is filled to the level of the lid, then it must be tightly closed. To seal the milk, a closed jar is lowered with a neck into molten wax and immediately placed in a refrigerator, where it is stored at a temperature not higher than minus 6 ° C and not lower than minus 10 ° C. Jars with royal jelly are transported in a refrigerator bag, in which the temperature should not exceed 0 ° (from the supplying farm to the receiving enterprise, it should be delivered within no more than one day).


To increase the shelf life, royal jelly is subjected to adsorption (absorption of liquid from royal jelly by an adsorbent substance). To do this, one part of the fresh product is ground in a porcelain mortar with four parts of an adsorbent (a mixture of 97-98% lactose and 2-3% glucose). In the factory, royal jelly is preserved by lyophilization, i.e. removing moisture from it by alternating cooling and heating of the product.


Mixing of royal jelly with honey in a ratio of 1: 100 or 2: 100 is widely used. The addition of royal jelly to honey increases its antioxidant properties, therapeutic and preventive value.

We recommend that the following conditions be observed to maintain the quality of royal jelly:

  • store freshly harvested raw milk at a temperature of -6 ° C until drying;
  • store raw adsorbed milk at 4-6 ° С for about 3 months before drying;
  • dry adsorbed – store at ambient temperature for 3 years;
  • dry lyophilized milk can be stored for 2.5 years in the refrigerator at a temperature of about 0 ° C.