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Myths about honey

Myths about honey

Man has always composed legends and myths that he could not understand or explain. Bees are one of the oldest insects on earth, much older than humans. And from the very appearance of Homo erectus, bees have benefited him. These are mysterious highly organized, social insects. And the honey they produce is an amazingly healthy and tasty product. Read here how bees make honey.

In Ancient Greece, legends were made about the feeding of the Gods with honey, in Egypt the bee was the emblem of the pharaoh. Now completely different myths are made up about honey:

Myth 1. Honey is considered a strong allergen. Few people understand that depending on the type of honey, its chemical composition also depends, which means that using different types of honey in different ways can either enhance or reduce the allergic reaction. Essentially, honey has antiseptic and anti-allergenic properties. (Vakhonina T.V. is one of the leading experts in beekeeping products of the Research Institute of Beekeeping of the Russian Federation).

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Myth 2. Honey can only be stored at room temperature. This myth is the flip side of how you actually store honey. In reality, storing honey at room temperature is like heating it. The fact is that sucrose in honey is very sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Under indoor conditions, not only the activity of nutrients decreases, but also due to the uneven distribution of temperatures, the crystallization process can go chaotically throughout the honey, which in turn gives rise to another myth about exfoliated honey and honey with white stains – as of low quality or fake … Read here on how to store honey properly.

Approx. According to GOST 19792-2001, the optimal storage temperature for honey is considered to be from 4-10 degrees Celsius. This is the standard temperature in our refrigerators. (You can read about other tips for storing honey on the website)

Myth 3. Honey with uneven white streaks or stratified honey is of poor quality or even fake. For a start, no matter how trivial, but crystallization is the transition of honey from a liquid state to a solid (crystalline) one. Absolutely all types of honey crystallize. Only at different speeds depending on the variety.

Honey can crystallize unevenly due to a drop or uneven temperature distribution in the storage area. If honey has stratified, this does not mean that it is of poor quality or fake. Perhaps, different honey bribes got into the same container, and the more “adult” one began to crystallize earlier and sank to the bottom. It is also important to know how to choose the right honey.

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