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Useful properties of honey

Useful properties of honey

It can be said about honey that it is truly time-tested: the amazing taste and useful properties of this delicacy were known in ancient times. The most valuable quality of honey (apart from its wonderful taste and aroma) is its ability to charge the body with energy; thanks to its large amount of pure, easily digestible carbohydrates, it can quickly give strength even after heavy exertion.

Properties of honey

For several millennia, man has been using the beneficial properties of honey to fight various ailments and diseases:

This sweet delicacy is distinguished by its rich chemical composition and unique biological properties, due to which it can increase the body’s resistance to the effects of external negative factors. Honey is an excellent tonic and tonic.
The natural antibiotic (difensin-1) contained in the product endows honey with antibacterial and bactericidal properties, which have no less effect than modern chemical preparations.
In addition, honey is able to enhance metabolism, accelerate tissue regeneration – that is why the beneficial properties of the product are actively used in cosmetology.
However, it should be remembered: in order for the delicacy to fully manifest its healing effect, it is necessary that the quality of honey be at its best.

How to check the quality of honey

How to determine the naturalness and freshness of a product, and are there special methods for this?

First of all, when buying honey, you must definitely try: the aroma and color must exactly correspond to the declared variety. It is important that the taste does not have any unpleasant extraneous shades.
The presence of liquid on the surface of the product is not allowed, and honey should not delaminate
The type of packaging is of great importance: no damage or swelling is allowed. It is desirable that the lid is airtight.
When buying honey in a store, you should pay attention to the place of collection, date, certification according to ISO 22000: 2005 and compliance with GOST on the packaging.
It is better to only deal with trusted retail outlets and product brands. The right honey of good quality always has a good reputation.