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Why honey is useful

Why honey is useful

The benefit of honey is that it is a biologically active product, incredibly complex in its chemical composition. Moreover, absolutely all substances contained in honey are extremely useful for humans. It contains such sugars as: glucose – 31%, fructose 39% and sucrose – 1.5-3%, dextrin – 5%.

In addition, it contains proteins – 0.1-2.3%, minerals – 0.1-0.2%, organic acids (malic, lactic, tartaric) – 0.03-0.2%, a huge amount microelements: iron, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, sulfur, potassium, gold and many others, enzymes that accelerate metabolic reactions – invertase, diastase, amylase, glycogenase, etc .; vitamins of group B, A, P; and, of course, water – 18-20%.

How is honey useful? Honey has a bactericidal effect, enhances metabolism, accelerates tissue regeneration, has anti-inflammatory and tonic effects. Honey normalizes the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, improves skin nutrition, normalizes sleep and stimulates the body’s defenses.

The composition, consistency and taste of a particular type and variety of honey is not the same and depends on the type of melliferous plants, as well as the weather and geographical conditions of the flowering of melliferous plants.

The use of honey depends, among other things, on its mineral composition, it also depends on the type of melliferous vegetation and, mainly, on the mineral composition of the soil in the area of ​​honey collection.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, scientists from many countries studied the minerals in honey.

In the studied samples, the following macro- and microelements were established: aluminum (Al), beryllium (Be), boron (B), gallium (Ga), bismuth (Bi), barium (Ba), iron (Fe), gold (Au) , potassium (K), magnesium (Mg), copper (Cu), sodium (Na), silver (Ag), phosphorus (P), chromium (Cr), zinc (Zn), sulfur (S), chlorine (Cl) , zirconium (Zn), etc.

The content of some mineral salts in natural honey almost corresponds to their content in human blood serum.

In general, honey contains more than 60 trace elements and mineral salts. Their role in the life processes of the human body is great: the absence or insufficient number of some of them lead to disorders in the development of the human body.

How is honey useful when consumed daily in moderation? It helps to restore and maintain nutrients in the human body for a healthy and fulfilling life.