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It is not for nothing that honey is called a real elixir of health from nature itself. Its medicinal properties vary depending on the maturity of the bee product, the plant from which it was produced and even geographic location. However, any natural honey is an excellent natural antibiotic and sedative. It improves metabolism, helps to fight stress and weakening of the body after illness or surgery, controls appetite and benefits all systems of the body without exception. Honey is one of the best natural cosmetics for face and body skin. In this regard, honey with olive oil is doubly good.

The benefits of olive oil

Housewives know that olive oil is much healthier than vegetable oil, and many people like its specific taste. However, the medicinal properties of olive oil greatly expand the scope of its use. This product is a unique source of Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, essential for the human body and valuable primarily for their vaso-purifying properties. And oleic acid, also part of olive oil, significantly reduces the likelihood of neoplasms. Olive oil is beneficial for those suffering from liver and intestinal diseases, as well as gastritis and stomach ulcers. It is also beneficial for the skin: by softening and nourishing it, olive oil can prolong the visible youth and freshness. Honey with olive oil has a beneficial effect on the skin of the face and body, as well as hair, therefore, homemade masks, scrubs and creams are often prepared on their basis.

Hair mask with honey and olive oil

Faded, weak hair is a headache for many women. A honey-olive mask will help restore shine and elasticity to the hair. You just need to mix the components 1: 1 (the amount of products depends on how long your hair is), rub in thoroughly and leave for 20 minutes, warming with a towel. Then rinse your hair with shampoo (if necessary, repeat several times). And if you add the juice of one medium onion to this honey and olive oil mask, it will also accelerate hair growth.

Based on these components, you can make an effective wrap or scrub at home. The effect of honey and oil is carried out at the level of the dermis, and thanks to this, after a couple of uses, the body becomes not only smooth and well-groomed, but also healed, and the “orange peel effect” is reduced.

Ways to use masks and scrubs

-rub a mixture of olive oil and honey into the skin and leave to absorb for 15-20 minutes;
-apply honey with olive oil to problem areas with vigorous movements, wrap the top with a film and put on warm clothes – the thermal effect removes extra centimeters and actively fights cellulite;
-make a honey-olive massage, vigorously rub the mixture into the skin for 10-15 minutes, take a shower and apply a fat cream on the body.

You can add a scrubbing ingredient (crushed apricot pits, sea salt, ground coffee) or a couple of drops of essential oil to olive oil with honey. Ideally, if you apply such a scrub or mask to the body steamed after a bath / sauna. These products are also suitable for skin care – the use of honey and olive oil makes it smooth, soft and rested. For greater effect, you can add a little cosmetic clay or herbal decoction to the honey with olive oil for the face.