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Everyone has probably heard about the benefits of kefir, and the medicinal properties of honey do not need an additional introduction. However, the combination of kefir with honey is most often overlooked, and completely undeserved, because this drink allows you to get rid of some chronic diseases, as well as lose weight.

Beneficial features

The beneficial properties of kefir are due to the content of beneficial probiotic bacteria in it, which, entering the intestines, have a beneficial effect on the microflora and relieve digestive problems. The slight diuretic effect of kefir is useful for those suffering from edema. In addition, kefir contains significant amounts of protein and calcium. Even a non-fatty product has a low calorie content, so many nutritionists, forbidding overweight people to eat at night, make an exception for a glass of this fermented milk drink, especially kefir with honey. In the stomach, kefir curls up, filling it and eliminating the feeling of hunger. Therefore, fearlessly drink it at night, in the morning, replace it with snacks. The time of drinking kefir is quite important, because in the evening it will also help you fall asleep quickly and calmly.

Honey, like kefir, is a unique product from a chemical point of view, containing a wide range of nutrients, trace elements, enzymes, minerals and acids. It is an excellent natural energetic, antibiotic and immunostimulant. Regular intake of a natural product has a beneficial effect on all systems and organs of the human body, as well as the emotional state and mental balance.

Kefir with honey is a real natural medicine, including one that allows you to lose extra pounds. Both of these products normalize the metabolism, cleanse the digestive system, have a positive effect on the liver and eliminate the feeling of hunger, thanks to which you will no longer want to have a snack at night, and the deep effect will guarantee that the weight will not return.


Ordinary honey kefir is prepared simply: take a bee product to taste in a glass of drink and stir until smooth. It is better to take liquid honey – it dissolves more easily. In addition, there are many recipes for mouth-watering fat-burning smoothies for a blender based on kefir and honey.

For them, you can take any fruits and berries: strawberries, peaches, bananas, citrus fruits, raspberries, kiwi, apples, and also add oatmeal, mint, ginger, any freshly squeezed juice to taste. Experiment with flavors – these smoothies are invariably nutritious (they usually replace a whole meal), rich in vitamins, and most importantly, low in calories!