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Honey, as a beekeeping product, has a unique chemical composition, which ensures its complex positive effect on the human body! It contains mineral salts, 22 trace elements and bactericidal substances. For a long time, various recipes with honey have been used to raise human immunity, which will become so important now, in the season of low temperatures and colds. Regular intake of the mixtures presented below increases a person’s natural resistance to negative external factors, including the action of various viruses, bacteria and infections.

Honey, as a means to increase immunity, can be taken by a person of any age, the main condition is the absence of allergies. We have selected for you the most effective health-promoting honey blends that are easy to prepare. The main condition for their effectiveness is regular intake.

Honey and lemon for immunity

A real healing cocktail, consisting of only 2 ingredients, the combination of which is a vitamin boom, used to raise immunity, strengthen the cardiovascular and nervous systems, normalize blood pressure, remove toxins and toxins. To prepare this healthy drink, you should take products in the indicated proportions:

· 1 glass of water at room temperature;

30 ml of freshly squeezed lemon juice;

· 20 grams of honey.

The components are thoroughly mixed, after which the drink is ready to drink. It is important to take such a cocktail on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before meals, and after the first week of taking it, you will notice positive results!

Honey and ginger for immunity

Hot ginger has powerful stimulant and antioxidant properties. In combination with honey and lemon, it is also used to raise immunity, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, increase the overall tone of the body, and heal from diseases of the respiratory system. To prepare the mixture you will need:

· Peeled ginger (500 gr);

Lemon (2 pcs.);

Honey (200 gr).

Grind the ginger, and scald the lemon with boiling water, rinse thoroughly and remove the seeds, then cut into slices. Mix the finished ingredients with honey until smooth, then the product should be removed in a sterile container and stored in the refrigerator. The mixture is taken 2-3 times a day up to 2 teaspoons per 1 dose. Do not neglect this recipe during the cold season!

Honey and nuts for immunity

A highly effective recipe used to tone up and strengthen the immune system. This is a real treat that tastes good, while incredibly healthy! To prepare a honey-nut mixture you will need:

300 ml of honey;

· 150 grams of walnuts.

Chop the nuts, then pour honey, and cover the container with the resulting mixture with paper and remove for 2 weeks in a dark, cool place. The result is a unique healing medicine that will be used with pleasure by both children and adults, but do not forget about a sense of proportion, a reasonable rate is 30 grams of mixture per day.

The practical use of these honey-based recipes (especially if you buy honey with propolis) will strengthen the immune system and increase vitality, which is so lacking in the inhabitants of the modern metropolis. Be healthy!