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Honey is a product known for its high healing properties! Being a storehouse of medicinal substances, it is taken not only in food, but also widely used in cosmetology, both in industrial products and in mixtures created on the basis of home recipes. This self-made honey mask is especially suitable for dry skin with flaking and wrinkles. A moisturizing, toning mixture based on honey will become a real boon for preserving beauty precisely in winter, when our skin is under great stress due to the effects of low temperatures, frost, and heating appliances.

Undoubtedly, the skin of the face and hands in winter frosts suffers most of all, and the lack of proper attention during this period, in the future, will affect its premature aging. Using honey in cosmetic mixtures for these body parts will keep your beauty and youthfulness for years to come! We have selected for you the most highly effective recipes for honey masks, the preparation of which does not require a lot of time and expense, and their use will pay off in the form of a healthy and sleek appearance.

Toning face masks

The face mask with honey, sour cream and oatmeal is a real moisturizing bomb, which, in addition to its main task, will also have a nourishing, refreshing and regenerating effect. To prepare such a mixture, you need to take 1 teaspoon of crushed oatmeal and honey, add a little sour cream, as well as your favorite cream, then stir until a homogeneous substance. Apply the composition to cleansed skin for 15 minutes, then rinse with water and enjoy the perfect condition of your face!

Homemade honey face mask with yolk for dry and dehydrated skin will surpass any expensive cosmetic product in terms of positive effect. Moreover, it is extremely easy to prepare! One egg yolk should be mixed with 20 grams of honey, the resulting mixture should be spread over a clean and dry face and left for 20 minutes. After the time has passed, rinse off the mask and enjoy smooth, incredibly soft and moisturized skin.

Toning hand masks

Honey-potato hand mixture. One raw potato tuber should be grated, adding 1 teaspoon of honey to the resulting mass, as well as a few drops of fresh vegetable juice (for example, cabbage or carrot). Apply the mixture to clean hands, letting it sit for 30 minutes, then remove. By the way, for convenience, such hand wraps are best done under gloves or a film.

Moisturizing hand mask with honey. Homemade, this blend will give your pens an incredibly well-groomed look! To prepare it, take equal proportions of aloe vera juice, honey and cosmetic oil. After mixing the ingredients, massage the mixture over your hands. The recommended duration of the procedure is 20 minutes, after which the mask should be washed off with water. Well, there is no trace of dryness and peeling?

It is easy to maintain a healthy, well-groomed appearance of our skin even in severe frosts, while you should not run to the store for another expensive remedy, just buy linden honey and turn to proven home recipes! Do not neglect this product, the benefits of which are difficult to overestimate, and the skin will respond to you with gratitude in the form of youth, smoothness and radiance!