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After 25 years, many girls begin to notice age-related changes on their faces. Skin tone decreases, fine wrinkles appear, and by the evening the face begins to look tired, “dull”. Do not despair: your youth can be prolonged with the help of natural honey! To tone up the body, buy honey with royal jelly, and use masks with this bee product for skin elasticity. The active components of honey penetrate deeply into the epidermis and literally act at the cellular level, smoothing wrinkles, improving the tone of the facial skin, giving it a healthy, radiant appearance. However, to “help” honey to act more effectively, arm yourself with a facial scrub to pre-cleanse the skin, or even better – use homemade anti-aging masks on a steamed face. All products are applied to the skin for 15-20 minutes with massage movements, and then gently washed off with warm water; then use a fat cream to consolidate the effect. To make masks, you can buy honey with royal jelly.

Honey cinnamon mask

The honey-cinnamon mask refreshes well, nourishes the skin, activates blood circulation and helps to overcome the first signs of aging. To prepare it, mix ground cinnamon with honey 1: 1. If your skin is dry, add a few drops of linseed oil, olive oil, or glycerin.

Lemon mask

Lemon mask not only improves complexion and smoothes wrinkles, but also removes age-related pigmentation, giving the skin a radiant appearance. For her you need to take the juice of half a lemon, 1 tbsp. l. honey and mix the components until smooth. Lemon can also be used with pulp (this will further cleanse the skin), and if it is absent, replace it with orange or grapefruit.

Egg honey mask

Egg-honey masks are intended for mature skin care. Their regular use will visibly smooth the face, give the skin elasticity and a fresh, well-groomed look. The difference in effect is only that the mask with protein additionally has a drying effect, and with the yolk it moisturizes the skin. To make a mask, you need to buy honey with royal jelly or any other and mix 1 tsp. with the protein (yolk) of one egg.

Milk and honey mask

The classic combination of milk and honey is also effective as a rejuvenating mask. This tool makes the skin velvety and smooth, fights fine wrinkles and other signs of aging. For such a mask, take milk and honey 2: 1, mix and apply on the face and décolleté in several stages (the mixture turns out to be quite liquid, and for a better effect it is necessary that it is well absorbed).

Coffee and honey mask

The beloved honey and coffee scrub mask also has a rejuvenating effect. Thanks to the abrasive particles in the composition, it performs micro-massage of the skin, due to which it provides a rush of blood to the face. The result is complex – smoothness, tone and cleansing. To make such a mask, you need to mix 1 tbsp. l. natural honey and coffee grounds.