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Royal jelly is a truly unique product, the properties of which can not only preserve your health, but also prolong youth and beauty. Therefore, “royal jelly” is actively used not only in medicine, but also in cosmetology, including for making masks with royal jelly at home. These products nourish the skin, make it smooth, radiant and hydrated.

Herbal decoction mask

A mask with “royal jelly” based on herbal decoction is suitable for any skin. We prepare it according to a traditional recipe from a string or chamomile, let it brew for several hours.

Then 1 tbsp. Mix the broth 1: 1 with natural honey and add a couple of grams of royal jelly. Use a face and neck mask and keep it on for 20 minutes.

Olive oil mask

A mask with olive oil will help to tighten fine wrinkles and refresh the skin.

You need to take 1 tbsp. l. of this product and royal jelly on the tip of a knife. Mix everything, apply on face with fingertips for 15-20 minutes.

Glycerin mask

Masks with royal jelly and other cosmetic products such as glycerin are the best natural lifting from nature itself!

Glycerin is mixed with honey (a teaspoon each) for thickening, add “royal jelly”, mix and apply on face and neck for 15-20 minutes.

Do not forget: masks act at a deep level, changing the very structure of the skin, so they are applied after steaming and using a scrub, and then using a creamier cream. But such a useful product as royal jelly also has a beneficial effect on hair. Masks with it can be used all year round, because in winter the hair suffers from low temperatures, and in summer – from ultraviolet radiation.

Castor oil mask

A mask with royal jelly and castor oil will help to strengthen, heal the hair, make it shiny. The latter should be taken in a small bottle, mixed with yolk, a teaspoon of brandy and “royal jelly” (by eye – 2-3 match heads). Distribute carefully over the hair, wrap it on top. Shower in a couple of hours. Take burdock oil instead of castor oil – it is also good for hair and will not only give it shine and strengthen, but also accelerate its growth.

Msks based on herbal decoctions are also effective – usually they also add natural honey, and for a good mood, you can drop a little of your favorite essential oil.

However, the healing process with the help of royal jelly should not be limited to masks alone – you need to consume the product inside. By purchasing a jar of natural honey Berestov “With royal jelly” you will keep in good shape not only your skin and hair, but the entire body.