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When caring for our skin with useful homemade masks and scrubs, we often forget about our hands – and they also need protection and nutrition. In summer, the skin of the hands dries up in the sun, in winter it flakes and cracks from the wind. Left without proper care, the skin of the hands is rapidly “aging”. Therefore, it is so important to use masks and hand scrubs based on natural ingredients – first of all, honey.

A high-quality bee product is also a powerful bactericidal and wound healing agent. Therefore, home care products based on it are so beneficial for the skin of the hands. Homemade honey masks heal small cracks, nourish the skin of the hands, make it smooth and well-groomed – in addition, the antioxidants contained in honey slow down aging at the “local” level. It is best to buy lime honey for making a mask.

Before using any mask and hand scrub, it is advisable to make a warm bath to open the pores. Also stock up on fabric gloves; they will create the temperature necessary for the effective action of the mask.

Glycerine honey mask

Take each product 1: 1, add a little ground oats, dilute with water until a mushy consistency.

Keep for half an hour, rinse with warm water. This nourishing and moisturizing mask is especially effective in cold weather.

Nourishing Aloe Honey Mask

Squeeze the juice of 1 aloe leaf, add 1 tsp. honey of liquid consistency and a few drops of olive oil.

Apply the mixture to your hands for half an hour, after rinsing, use a fat cream.

Honey mask with potatoes

Finely grate a medium potato, mix with 1 tbsp. honey and spread the resulting gruel on your hands. If desired, you can drop a drop of essential oil (citrus, sandalwood, lavender).

This mask will smooth out the rough skin of the hands and restore its elasticity.

Masks and scrubs for hands with honey are the best solution when it comes to skin renewal. Effective home remedies with abrasive ingredients gently exfoliate dead skin particles, while simultaneously caring for the skin of the hands and cuticles.

Ground coffee and honey scrub

Two tablespoons of coffee should be mixed with a spoonful of liquid natural honey. Pour the scrub into a jar or any other container. The scrub is ready to use.

Instead of coffee, you can take coarse sugar or ground grape seeds, add a couple of drops of glycerin or vitamin E to the scrub (capsules are sold at the pharmacy). At the same time, hands should be free of wounds and cracks, otherwise irritation can occur.