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Royal jelly is a product whose healing properties are literally sung in legends. Its active components contribute to cell regeneration and healing of the whole organism. In addition to being taken orally, royal jelly is actively used in cosmetology, giving youth and elasticity to the skin, and to the hair – strength and shine. The product contains a whole complex of vitamins, enzymes, useful acids and biologically active substances (biotin).

Royal jelly for hair acts at the cellular level: penetrating deeply into the pores, it heals from the very roots, helps to strengthen, eliminates brittleness and dryness, noticeably improves the appearance of your hair. Every day, the hair is exposed to traumatic effects: they are dried with a hairdryer and combed with a hard brush, dyed with chemical paint, in summer they fade, and in winter they dry. So give them a life-giving elixir in the form of royal jelly! You can simply rub “royal jelly” into the hair roots as a conditioner, or prepare effective homemade masks based on it.

With propolis

Royal jelly is effective for hair in combination with other bee products – for example, an aqueous solution of propolis. Take 20 g. royal jelly (with honey), dilute with a small amount of propolis solution and apply to hair. After that, wrap your head with a towel and wait half an hour. It is good to do this mask 2-3 times a week; hair will become softer, more voluminous, and the oily sheen at the roots will become less after just a few uses.

With oils

Castor and burdock oils are a well-known remedy for healing hair, and it will become more effective if you add royal jelly or honey with it there. You need to take a small bottle of oil, 1 yolk and 100 ml. royal jelly. Mix everything, distribute for half an hour along the entire length of the hair. This royal jelly hair mask helps to strengthen and regenerate, as well as enhance the protective properties.

With succession

The healing power of herbs and royal jelly of bees is a real storehouse of health for your hair from nature itself! Try to make a firming and toning mask with a decoction of a series. For this, the dry grass is poured with boiling water, allowed to settle, and honey with royal jelly is added. The mask is prepared at the rate of 1 tbsp. l. herbs and 200 ml. honey 500 ml. water.

The healing qualities of royal jelly for hair greatly enhance the effect of any homemade mask – just add a little to the one you usually use. But for a full-fledged recovery, it is better to combine hair masks with the use of the product inside – and this will help you with Honey with royal jelly from the “Favorites” collection of the “Berestov” company.