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Today more and more people suffer from joint diseases. Unfavorable ecology, a sedentary lifestyle, unbalanced nutrition and injuries lead to the fact that joint diseases “get younger”: they can no longer be called purely senile problems. It is very difficult to endure attacks of joint pain, but alternative methods will help to alleviate them along with the means of official medicine. Did you forget to buy linden honey? But this is a great help for your joints. Not only that, with regular use, this remedy will improve the functioning of all organs and systems, remove toxins from the body and energize, honey works well as an external remedy, including in the form of baths and compresses for sore joints.

Honey massage

The simplest remedy for joint pain is honey massage. To make the treatment more effective, you need to carry it out after a bath or after applying a heating pad to the sore joint. Then – pour some honey into the palm and rub the joint with vigorous movements for 10 minutes. Without washing off the honey, wrap your leg or arm with a woolen cloth and leave it there for half an hour. You will soon feel a pleasant warmth, and then relief. Such massages are carried out in a course of 2 weeks.

Honey compress

You can do without a massage by smearing a strip of cotton fabric with plenty of honey and using it as a compress on a sore spot. Such a remedy relieves pain of any nature, from aching to acute. And if you buy lime honey and mix it with salt, the effect of the compress will increase. Important: Salt can irritate the skin, so there should be no wounds on the affected area. A good alternative to a compress is a honey-salt bath, which is best done before bed.

Drinks with honey

The healing properties of honey allow you to deeply affect the body, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that tinctures and drinks with a natural honey product help against joint diseases. For example, you can drink a glass of warm water with a teaspoon before bed. ground cinnamon and table – honey. This combination acts as a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent, which also has a beneficial effect on sleep. You can expand the recipe if you buy lime honey and lemon: in combination with cinnamon, you will get not only the well-known medicine for colds, but also an effective remedy for joint pain caused by chronic diseases.

Tincture of honey with radish juice is a versatile remedy that is good to use both internally and externally. To prepare it, take ½ cup of vodka and radish juice, mix with a glass of liquid honey and 1 tbsp. l. salt. For treatment, drink 50 g of the product before bed, and also use it as a compress.