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Honey “Berestov A.S.” “Favorites”: now in small jars!

Honey “Berestov A.S.” “Favorites”: now in small jars!

Natural honey Berestov A.S. now available in small cans of 200 grams. The new “Favorites” series includes 10 different flavors that are unlike each other. Try them all and find your favorite kind of honey!

Tasty and healthy honey Berestov A.S.

Each jar from the “Favorites” series contains selected honey of the highest quality, corresponding to GOST. It is manufactured in an ISO quality management certified factory. Each jar of honey has a certificate of quality and origin. The product contains no GMOs, artificial colors and chemical additives. This is a natural health treat. Natural honey has a low calorie content, does not harm the figure and has an antibacterial effect. It is useful to drink tea with honey to fight ARVI and other infections. Honey treats strengthen the immune system, calm the nervous system, and help fight daily stress.

Types of natural honey

Both adults and children love the sweet taste of honey. A small jar of treats will be a great addition to a family or friendly tea party. The “Favorites” series is made in stylish designer packaging. A jar of honey will be a great gift for March 8 or another holiday.

The “Favorites” series includes 10 types of honey:

● Linden.

● Buckwheat.

● Maisky.

● Chestnut.

● Alpine.

● Ussuriysky balm.

● Mining.

● Acacia.

● With propolis.

● With royal jelly.

Each jar has a label with a QR code. By scanning the QR code using the application on your smartphone, you will find out by whom and when this honey was collected for you.

Buy natural honey in the online store

The new “Favorites” series is available not only in retail chains. You can not look for new items in stores, but order them with home delivery. Natural honey from Berestov A.S. available for ordering on the sites:


New items are already on sale! Pamper yourself and your loved ones with a delicious and healthy treat.