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New flavors of honey soufflé Galagancha

New flavors of honey soufflé Galagancha

Ordinary honey, to which we are all so accustomed, crystallizes over time. And in order to enjoy your favorite dessert, you literally have to break a spoon to get a treat. With honey souffle, this problem does not arise. After all, the technology of its preparation consists in successive grinding of large crystals of honey into smaller ones, preventing its further crystallization, but at the same time retaining all the useful properties. Moreover, the organic additives used enrich honey with vitamins and trace elements, making it not only tastier, but also healthier.

Galagancha honey mousses are made exclusively from natural products. Juices, berries, nuts and pieces of fruit, combined with a delicate, airy soufflé texture, obtained as a result of a special technology of low-temperature whipping, make a delicious 100% natural healthy dessert from honey.

We present you the new flavors of the Galagancha honey-soufflé line!

Honey-souffle “Lemongrass-Mango-Green tea”

A refreshing duo of lemongrass and green tea in a bold combination with the most delicate, aromatic mango and honey, form a true gastronomic paradise for gourmets. This dessert will satisfy even the most demanding audience.

Honey-soufflé “Juicy cherry”

Honey-souffle “Juicy cherry” is a delicate velvety taste of ripe berries with a tart, fresh hint of mint in the aftertaste. An indescribable combination of sophistication and character. Ideal for a gift to a dear person.

It just got easier to try new flavors or buy the ones you already love. You can now order Galagancha honey mousses in Wildberries and OZON online stores. A couple of clicks – and your favorite dessert is on its way to you!