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Dark honey

Dark honey

Everyone knows that in nature there are different shades of honey, from black to almost transparent. What determines the color of this product, where does the dark honey come from, what plants is it taken from, and does it have special properties? Let’s try to figure it out.

Темный мед

Features of dark honey

The color of a bee delicacy depends on the flowers, the nectar from which the bees collect to make honey. The fact is that nectar contains pigments of a certain shade, which then turns into honey. Therefore, each type of honey has its own specific color, by which the specialist can determine from which plant the nectar was collected. Honey of brown shades, as a rule, is richer and thicker – all due to the increased content of iron and other trace elements in it, which help restore immunity and increase hemoglobin.

If your body is weakened, dark honey can be a real salvation. In addition, due to its special consistency, it is difficult to fake it – however, buying honey from trusted suppliers can solve this problem forever. However, having met too, in your opinion, dark and thick honey “out of season”, you should not be afraid – it is quite normal for a product of brown shades to become richer during storage.

The most common varieties of dark honey

Buckwheat. Has a color from amber to deep brown, as well as a special, spicy and slightly tart taste. It crystallizes very quickly, and due to its special properties it is a real natural preservative. This variety perfectly fights bacteria, which allows it to be effectively used not only for the treatment of oral diseases, but also as an “ointment” for long-term non-healing wounds, burns and abscesses, as well as in cosmetology, as part of deep-action scrubs. Buckwheat honey is also useful for hypotension.

Chestnut. This dark honey is distinguished by increased transparency, delicate aroma and specific bitter aftertaste. It does not sugarcoat for a long time due to its high fructose content. In addition to antibacterial and immunity-improving properties, such honey tones and soothes, cures insomnia and increases stress resistance. A spoonful of chestnut honey in the morning will help the body “wake up” and prevent bile stagnation, and its ability to be quickly absorbed by the body makes it an affordable delicacy even for people struggling with excess weight.

But if you add propolis to dark honey, it can become a real medicine! Honey with propolis is used both internally, to restore immunity, normalize metabolism and improve the activity of internal organs, and treat them with skin diseases, using it for compresses and lotions.