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Pancakes are a must-have for Shrovetide! We will share with you the most delicious and simple recipes for pancakes with honey. Be sure, having tasted them, your household and guests will certainly ask for more!

Pancakes on honey dough

To prepare the dish, you will need the following ingredients:

Flour (200 gr)

Milk (300 ml)

Honey (60 ml)

Egg (2 pieces)

Butter (30 gr)

Salt to taste

· Baking powder for the dough

Sunflower oil (60 ml)

The contents of the eggs should be dipped into a container, adding a pinch of salt, and then beat the mixture with a whisk. Milk must be warmed up and honey dissolved in it. The resulting mass should be combined with beaten eggs. Sugar-free honey pancake flour is sifted and combined with baking powder. As a result, all prepared ingredients and sunflower oil are mixed to a homogeneous consistency. To fry the pancakes, heat the butter in a skillet and pour a portion of the dough into it. Pancakes should be fried for up to 3 minutes on both sides. Once done, they are greased with a thin layer of butter.

Pancakes with honey and nuts

A recipe for simplicity. To prepare such a dessert you will need:

Water (250 ml)

Egg (3 pcs)

Honey (60 ml)

Walnuts (100 gr)

Flour (150 gr)

· Vegetable oil

Salt, sugar to taste

· Baking powder for the dough

First, you should separate the yolks from the whites by placing them in different containers. Beat the salt and sugar in the yolks with a whisk, and then add water, flour and vegetable oil to them. All components of the recipe for Russian pancakes for Shrovetide with honey must be mixed until smooth. Let the dough sit for up to 40 minutes. At this time, chop the walnuts and combine them with honey. After 40 minutes, add proteins to the dough and mix everything. Pancakes are fried in a pan greased with sunflower oil for 5 minutes. The finished delicacy is flavored with a mixture of honey and walnuts.

Pancakes with honey and cinnamon

Delicious and aromatic pancakes that will delight everyone!

Flour (150 gr)

Sour cream (100 ml)

Milk (200 ml)

Egg (1 piece)

Honey (80 ml)

· Sunflower oil

Cinnamon (20 gr)

Salt, sugar

· Butter

The egg is broken, and its contents are poured into a separate container and beaten with a pinch of salt using a whisk. Sugar, cold milk and sifted flour are added to the mixture. Season the dough, according to the Russian recipe for pancakes for Shrovetide with honey, with cinnamon and mix thoroughly to evenly distribute the ingredients. Melt a piece of butter in a skillet and fry the pancakes for 5 minutes. The finished dessert is generously greased with a mixture of sour cream and honey!