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Clean, healthy blood vessels are the prevention of many serious diseases and the guarantee of a long life. However, modern ecology, malnutrition, a sedentary lifestyle affect the state of our blood vessels, so sometimes it is advisable to carry out preventive cleaning.

The benefits of honey for blood vessels

Cleaning vessels with honey is one of the most effective. The obvious benefit of honey for blood vessels is the high content of natural glucose, which has an expanding effect and dissolves cholesterol deposits. It is useful to use honey by itself, but in interaction with other products it becomes a real medicine for blood vessels.

Recipes for cleaning blood vessels with honey

Rosehip honey

You can clean the vessels with honey with rosehip decoction, which is prepared approximately like tea – berries are thrown into boiling water and left to brew.

Rosehip has the properties of strengthening the walls of blood vessels, expanding them and dissolving “harmful” cholesterol, and together with honey, it will make a truly healing drink that has a beneficial effect on the circulatory system.

Honey with garlic

The vessels are cleaned with honey and mixed with garlic. To prepare such a drug, you need to pass the head of garlic through a press and mix with honey in almost equal proportions.

Then you need to put the mixture for several days in a dark place so that the products react and juice is released – and you can take a teaspoon before each meal for 2 weeks.

The effect of this medication is different than that of a mixture with rose hips – garlic prevents vasospasm, due to which blood supply is disrupted and many serious diseases occur. You can prepare the same honey mixture by replacing the garlic with grated onion or juice.

Honey, lemon, garlic

Cleaning the vessels with honey and garlic will be even more effective if you add lemon to them. This mixture will not only cleanse blood vessels and destroy cholesterol plaques, but also become a good prevention of atherosclerosis.

For cooking, cut five large lemons together with the zest, press a couple of garlic heads with a press. We put everything in a blender, grind it, fill it with boiling water and put it in a dark place for several days, shaking it periodically.

Then we filter several times and add 300 g of liquid honey. Stir until smooth – and take 100 g before each meal.

Cleaning blood vessels with honey is a procedure that must be repeated periodically. A simple daily use of high-quality honey – with cottage cheese, milk, fruit, or in pure form will have a beneficial effect.