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Honey is one of the most effective folk remedies for coughing. Cough honey helps to quickly cope with the disease and regain his voice, and he has almost no contraindications. When absorbed, honey activates the salivary glands, and the abundant saliva softens the throat, facilitates swallowing and envelops the irritated oral cavity, allowing you to eliminate cough.

Due to the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of honey, taking it when you cough, you will cleanse your mouth and throat, get rid of pathogenic bacteria and ensure quick healing of the affected areas. There are many recipes based on cough honey that can ease the course of the disease and promote recovery.

Cinnamon honey

Cinnamon is known not only for its high content of nutrients, but also for its ability to fight microbes. If mixed with honey, you can get a powerful weapon against coughing. Eat honey with cinnamon both as a warm drink based on water, herbal decoction or tea, or in pure form, sprinkle it with a spoonful of honey.

Honey and dairy products

An effective remedy familiar to everyone from childhood that gently affects the throat and accelerates the process of sputum discharge. The easiest way is to warm up a cup of milk and dilute a spoonful of honey in it. The beneficial effect of milk with honey for coughs is enhanced by putting a piece of butter in a cup. If milk is not available, you can mix 1: 1 soft butter with honey and eat before bed.

Honey and radish

The essential oils of the radish, combined with the beneficial properties of honey, provide a powerful cough suppressant. You can use radish puree at the rate of 2 tbsp. l. honey for one root crop. You can also pour radish pieces with liquid honey; in a few hours it will release juice, taking which you will quickly cure your cough. In addition, you can take a large radish, wash, cut off the top and cut a depression in the root vegetable, which you can pour with honey for coughing. Take a radish with honey before each meal, a large spoonful.

Honey and lemon

Lemon contains phytoncides useful for coughing, and in combination with honey, it allows you to recover much faster. You can make a regular honey drink by adding the juice of half a lemon and a slice of ginger, if desired. Another effective recipe: squeeze the juice of one lemon into a glass, add 2 tbsp. l. glycerin and pour honey to the top. Stir and take before meals until the cough stops.

Cough honey helps not only when taken orally. On its basis, rinses, compresses, inhalations are prepared. However, remember that only natural honey has healing properties.