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When you are on a diet, all sweets are contraindicated – except for honey. This not only allows you to “eat sweets” with impunity, but also contributes to weight loss. The main thing is in what quantities and when to take. Many nutritionists are sure that when eaten on an empty stomach, honey accelerates the fat burning process.

It’s all about the properties of this bee product. It contains “light” carbohydrates, which contribute to the rapid awakening and vitality of the body. A natural antidepressant, it will improve your mood, which means it will help you more easily endure all the deprivation associated with diet. Honey on an empty stomach stimulates the release of bile, which not only helps the body not only digest food, but also assimilate fats. If, after taking honey in the morning, you do not rush to have breakfast right away, but give yourself some physical activity (for example, do housework or light exercises), then not everything eaten will go straight to the intestines. Part of the honey is absorbed into the blood and lymph, where its antioxidant constituents will speed up the metabolism. But it is precisely the slowed down metabolism that is a common cause of extra pounds!

It is usually advised to take honey for weight loss twice a day: on an empty stomach and before bedtime. An evening reception will calm the nervous system and give you a deep deep sleep – which means you will not want to get up in the middle of the night and fumble in the refrigerator in search of food.

How to take honey on an empty stomach for weight loss? There are several recipes. The easiest one is to eat two teaspoons of honey and wash it down with warm water. However, honey drinks can also be prepared.

Cinnamon honey

Cinnamon. Dissolve ½ tsp in a glass of boiling water. ground cinnamon. Let the drink settle. When the water has cooled, add a teaspoon of honey there. This mixture cleanses the digestive tract, normalizes the microflora and relieves the intestines of pathogenic fungi and parasites. Thus, digestion improves, food is absorbed, and does not settle with extra pounds.

Honey with lemon

With lemon. This drink stimulates the secretion of gastric juice, helps speed up metabolism and improves digestion, therefore it is most often used for weight loss. To prepare it, squeeze the juice of half a lemon into a glass of water and add a teaspoon of honey. It is better if you drink it in one gulp.

Honey with apple cider vinegar

With apple cider vinegar. Natural apple cider vinegar itself is an excellent digestion and gastric juice production agent, and with honey its beneficial properties are only enhanced. To prepare a drink, you need a teaspoon of vinegar and honey in a glass of water. This method, however, is not suitable for those with acidity problems.

It is better to take spring or distilled water for the drink. For a drink, you can replace water with herbal decoction. Certain plants, such as lingonberry and sage, contribute to weight loss by themselves, so taking them with honey will be very effective.

The positive effect of honey on an empty stomach for weight loss is proved by the reviews: “In general, I have never had excess weight, and after 30 years and the birth of a child, somewhere extra 10 kg! I decided to take on myself. I revised my food, refused something. And then I read about honey and lemon – let me think I’ll try. I drank on an empty stomach. The result was felt pretty quickly. For a month and a half, 7 kg is already a minus! Light, 32 “.

“There have been problems with weight for a long time, if not – have always been. This year I finally went on a diet. A friend advised to drink water with honey in the morning, she was so thin. As a result, now I weigh 62 instead of 78. I think honey helped too! Julia, 24 “.

The main condition for losing weight with honey is to buy a natural product. Only high-quality honey contains substances useful for your body.

Contraindicated in case of individual intolerance to the components of the recipe.