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Medofets: new tastes!

Medofets: new tastes!

Medofets are tasty, light and very healthy delicacy. The assortment of goods from Berestov A.S. natural sweets with new flavors appeared. We make healthy sweets for those who lead a healthy lifestyle and keep fit. Sweets have a delicate and pleasant taste, they are made from natural honey, they have few calories and many substances useful for the body. These are healthy and tasty sweets with a light, airy consistency.

Medofets soufflé with wild strawberries

This is an airy soufflé with strawberry-strawberry puree and natural Altai honey, covered with delicious Belgian chocolate glaze. One package contains 150 grams of healthy sweets. The taste of the new Medofets is not sugary, but with a pleasant honey and berry sourness. Berry puree gives the usual soufflé taste velvety and pronounced strawberry flavor. We have selected the ingredients of Medofet for you with the utmost care. For example, condensed milk for sweets is made in accordance with the relevant GOST.

Our sweets are free of artificial colors, preservatives and GMOs. In production we use only natural substances that are beneficial to health.

Medofets soufflé mango-passion fruit

For Medofet with mango-passionfruit flavor, delicate Altai honey is used, which emphasizes and reveals the bright flavors of mango and passionfruit.

Buy Medofets from Berestov A.S to enjoy exquisite treats without harming your figure. Live honey is added to sweets at the final stage of production, when the temperature of the raw material does not rise above 40C. Only at this temperature, the healing properties of bee honey are preserved: natural vitamins and minerals are preserved in its composition.

Buy natural candies from an online store

You will not find new candies in wild strawberry and mango-passionfruit flavors in every store. But you can order them with delivery to your home or office in the online stores Ozone, Wildberries or Try Medofets that kids and adults love. A package of exquisite honey flavored sweets will be a great gift for any occasion.

Delivery of sweets is carried out throughout Russia: in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and other cities. Delivery time from 3 to 8 days (depends on the recipient’s address). Pickup points operate in large cities. You can find detailed terms of delivery on the websites of our partners.

We hope you enjoy the new Medofeta Soufflés with Forest Strawberry and Mango Passion Fruit Flavors! Try two new flavors and find out which one you like best!