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White honey

White honey

Sometimes you can find white honey on sale. What plants give us this sort of honey, under what conditions is it formed and what useful properties does it have?

Regions of collection of white honey

Real white honey is mainly mined in the Urals and Altai, as well as in the southern regions. It can be obtained from such plants as linden, cotton, acacia, raspberry, sweet clover, rape, fireweed, but remember that monofloral honey is rare, and an admixture often only improves its taste. The only way to achieve white honey without heating or coloring is to wait until it crystallizes. This process is natural, and the beneficial properties of the product do not change in the course of it, so buy white honey without fear, but only from trusted suppliers – this product is often counterfeited. Remember: dazzling white, like snow, honey does not exist in nature, and a natural product will still have some kind of admixture of color, for example, yellowish or cream.

Taste and aroma of white honey

The smell, taste and consistency of white honey is largely determined by the plant from which the bee nectar was collected. Most often, the sale is almost transparent white honey from acacia. Melilot honey has a faint vanilla aroma and delicate taste. Cypriot, like sainfoin, has a rather noticeable greenish tint when fresh and turns white only over time; esparcent is very aromatic. Linden honey has a dense, sugary consistency and a yellowish tint. White honey from raspberries is collected from both wild and domestic plant varieties. It is light and delicate like cream, and it literally melts in your mouth. In general, the surest way to recognize good quality white honey is to smell it. Natural should have a characteristic rich aroma.

The assortment of products “Berestov A.S.” there is another type of white honey – honey with royal jelly. It has this color precisely because of the addition of natural royal jelly.

Beneficial features

The benefit of such honey is in its antibacterial, tonic, anti-inflammatory properties. It is useful to use it for colds and stomatitis, it strengthens the immune system, soothes and gives a sound sleep. Regular consumption of honey stimulates the work of internal organs and bile secretion, helps to restore the mucous membrane and normalizes blood pressure. White honey is rich in carbohydrates that stimulate the body, so it is also ideal for breakfast.