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Honey is a universal recipe for health and beauty. This sweet bee product is good as a medicine, as a cosmetic, and as an ingredient in delicious and healthy dishes. Therefore, if you buy lime honey, it will definitely come in handy! And the best part is that it is also suitable for children – however, they must necessarily reach the age of three, since some of its components can cause an undesirable reaction in an immature organism. Also, be sure to make sure your baby is not allergic to honey, and only then start giving it in small portions. Honey can be used to treat coughs and sore throats, give a small spoonful to strengthen the immune system and of course add to dishes, because it is much healthier than sugar. Here are some simple recipes for children.

Honey apples

Honey apples are a great option for an afternoon snack or just for dessert. Even little gourmets will surely appreciate this dish. It is better for him to buy linden honey or other proper quality. In addition, you will need a few medium sweet and sour apples.

There are two options for honey apples. You can cut the top off the apples, hollow out the core, fill it with honey (you can add more raisins or nuts) and bake for half an hour.

The second option: bake the apples, mix the pulp with flour, put in molds and put in the oven for 15-20 minutes, and pour the finished dessert with honey. A pound of apples will need about 0.5 tbsp. flour and honey to taste.

Chicken skewers with honey

Not all children love meat, but tender chicken skewers with honey will surely like them. For this children’s recipe, it is better to take chicken fillet – it is well marinated, and when cooked, it turns out to be juicy and soft.

For him you will need:

50 g of honey;
clove of garlic;
50 ml. olive oil;
a teaspoon of lemon juice.
Mix all the ingredients, put the fillet there and put it in the refrigerator for an hour so that the meat is well saturated. Then we spread the kebabs on a baking sheet, pour with marinade and put in an oven heated to 180-200 ° C for 25-30 minutes.

Honey jelly

If you buy lime honey, you can make not only dishes from it, but also drinks for children. For example, honey jelly.

Put a liter of water on the fire. When warmed up, add 200 g of honey and bring to a boil, periodically skimming. Then pour in 50 g of starch dissolved in water and add citric acid to the tip of a spoon.

Continue to cook and stir. As soon as you notice that the drink thickens, you can remove it from the heat, cool it and drink it.

Honey lemonade

Honey lemonade is a very tasty and vitamin drink, for which we only need a glass of water, half a lemon and a spoonful of liquid honey.

Squeeze lemon into a glass of water, add honey, stir.

This drink can be enjoyed all year round: in the summer – as a refreshing drink, and in the winter – as a tasty prevention against diseases.