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One of the most common soft drinks, mojito, has an interesting and rather complicated history. It is believed that the prototype of the mojito, the Drak cocktail, appeared thanks to the English corsairs. The rum was often of poor quality, and in order to drown out the unpleasant smell, it was thought up to add mint to it; lime served as a remedy for scurvy. In Cuba, which served as a staging post for pirates, Drak was a very popular drink. Centuries have passed, and from a brutal pirate drink, mojito has turned into an attribute of luxury and social life. The modern name of the drink comes from the Spanish molado – “wet” and dates back to 1930, when at one of the parties in Havana the bartender prepared it based on Bacardi. In addition to the classic mojito recipe, there are various variations of it – with garlic and peppers, herbs, grapes or strawberries, fruits … In the summer heat, its non-alcoholic versions are also popular.

You can make homemade mojito with natural honey. For him you will need:

  • 1 tbsp. water;
  • ice;
  • half a lime;
  • fresh mint leaves;
  • 1 tsp honey.

Cut the lime into slices, squeeze the juice into a glass of water, put the crusts in a mortar. Tear the mint leaves with your hands and put there. Add honey to the mortar and mash the mass well, which is then carefully poured into a glass. Fill it to the top with crushed ice; top up with cold water if necessary. Serve until ice has melted.

This is a classic non-alcoholic mojito recipe. You can cook other varieties of it using the same technology, with honey and mint as essential elements. For example, for raspberry mojito, raspberry berries are added to the mortar, among other things, pineapple mojito pre-squeezes a slice of this fruit into a glass of water, and watermelon pre-freezes small pieces of watermelon, followed by kneading in a mortar.

Delicate and delicious dessert “Ginger Mojito” from the “Berestov” company is an airy honey-souffle with a bright citrus taste and tart ginger hints, which melts in your mouth! Feel the taste of fresh mojito in an all-natural dessert made with love and containing all the benefits of honey and citrus.