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Wide Maslenitsa is a favorite holiday for people of all ages, and it also lasts a whole week! Strict Lent will come very soon, so Pancake Week is a time when you can fill up on goodies for future use, without denying yourself anything! Many recipes for Shrovetide cannot do without natural honey, and first of all, these are pancakes.

Pancakes with honey and nut topping


2 eggs;
2 glasses of milk, kefir or yogurt;
a glass of flour;
a pinch of salt;
2 tbsp sugar (you can take less, because the gravy will be sweet anyway);
butter (butter or vegetable) for frying and 2 tbsp. into the dough;
For watering we take any honey and crushed nuts, also to your taste. Beat eggs with sugar, salt. While stirring the mass, gradually pour in milk / kefir, making sure that there are no lumps. Pour in flour – a batter should be obtained. We bake thin ruddy pancakes, put on a plate, greasing each with butter. We mix honey and nuts. You can immediately pour the watering over the top or dip pancakes there during the meal.

Pancakes are the main dish of the “festival of the sun”, but the recipes for Shrovetide are not limited to them. In Russia, many other delicacies were prepared using honey.

Honey gingerbread

For this recipe you need:

300 g each sugar and liquid honey;
different spices to taste;
zest of lemons and oranges;
3 eggs;
500 g flour;
a pinch of soda slaked with vinegar;
50 g butter;
glass of water.
We put water on low heat, add honey and sugar, mix. The mixture should boil; remove from heat, remove foam, cool. Then we drive in eggs, add zest, spices, soda and butter, add flour. A dense dough should come out; we roll it out on the table and cut out the gingerbread cookies using the mold. They need to be laid out on a baking sheet covered with foil and sent to an oven preheated at 200-220 ° C until browning. Pour the finished gingerbreads with icing.

A popular and healthy recipe for Maslenitsa is apples stuffed with nuts with honey. In sour apples, remove the middle, fill it with raisins and any nuts, pour over with honey and bake for half an hour.


The generally accepted recipe for sbitnya includes:

a bottle of dry wine;
spices (cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon);
100-150 g of honey;
The wine is put on fire, honey is added, allowed to boil. Then add spices and leave for an hour; the strained drink is served hot. You can also prepare non-alcoholic sbiten using water, but in this case, the base for the drink is insisted for a day before adding spices.