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Honey is used in a wide variety of fields, and cooking is one of them. Sauces and marinades are prepared from honey, added to salads and meat dishes. A separate topic is baking with honey. Gingerbread, muffins, and honey-infused biscuits are favorite treats for many families. Today we will focus on recipes for pies with honey.

Nut honey pie

This cake with a pleasant nutty flavor and delicate aroma is sure to please you. Any nuts are suitable for him, but the most delicious pie is from hazelnuts or almonds. In addition, we need:

kefir or yogurt without additives – 150 ml.;
some slaked soda;
a glass of flour;
egg – 2 pcs.;
honey (it is better to take liquid) – 150 g;
sugar to taste.

Beat the eggs until light foam with sugar, pour in kefir / yogurt, and then honey and mix everything thoroughly. Add slaked soda, add flour, mix again. Grind 100 g of nuts in a blender, add to the dough. It should turn out to be liquid, “pancake”, and homogeneous. Pour the dough for a cake with honey into a mold, put in an oven heated to 150-180 ° for 25-30 minutes.

Honey cake in a slow cooker

A rare hostess now does without a multicooker. With its help, you can also prepare a delicious honey cake. For him you will need:

4 eggs;
1 pack of baking powder;
100 g of sugar;
300 g flour;
butter for lubricating the mold;
400 g of honey.

Whisk the eggs for the honey pie. In parallel, melt the honey in a water bath, pour into the egg mixture. Add sugar and baking powder, add flour. The dough is liquid and non-sticky – “pancake”.

Lubricate the bottom of the multicooker bowl with a piece of butter, pour the dough into it and set the “Baking” mode. For most multicooker models, 20 minutes of baking is enough. After the signal, turn off the multicooker and do not remove the cake until it cools completely – this will make it even more fragrant.

Pie with honey and apples

Apple pie is perhaps the most popular. It has many ways of cooking, including with honey. We will need:

150 g butter;
a few durum apples;
200 g of sugar; – 2 eggs;
100 g of honey;
glass of water;
vegetable oil (grease the form);
a little salt to taste;
half a lemon.
Core the apples for the honey pie, peel, cut into thin slices. Pour honey into a deep frying pan or saucepan, squeeze half a lemon, put apples and simmer, avoiding burning, over low heat for 10-15 minutes. Meanwhile, add eggs and sugar to soft butter, then flour, salt.

Put the kneaded dough into a mold. Remove the apples from the honey syrup, and put them deeper into the mold. Bake for half an hour at 180 ° C. Pull out, pour over the syrup that remained from the apples.