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The secret to properly cooked meat is a well-chosen marinade. The variety and availability of seasonings allows you to combine them as you like and achieve an amazing taste of meat. One of the most successful ingredients for a marinade is honey. Marinade with honey gently envelops the meat and makes it literally melt in your mouth. This marinade is perfect for kebabs and meat dishes in the oven or slow cooker!

Honey BBQ Sauce

Perfect for both chicken and grilled pork ribs. We will need;

2 tbsp. l. honey and lemon juice;
50 g butter;
a third of a glass of water;
ground pepper;
1 tbsp. l. Worcestershire sauce;
a couple of medium onions;
ketchup to taste.

Put a piece of butter in a saucepan, put on fire and stir until dissolved. Add finely chopped onions there, simmer for a few minutes, until it looks like boiled. Gradually add the rest of the ingredients, put on fire again and cook until the marinade with honey becomes thick.

Japanese teriyaki

This sweet spicy sauce is a great solution for any kind of meat! Let’s take for him:

a few cloves of garlic;
2 tbsp. l. brown sugar and honey;
100 ml each. water and soy sauce;
a pinch of starch (preferably corn);
50 ml. orange juice;
a small piece of ginger.

Pour soy sauce into a container, dilute with water, pour in orange juice. Add honey, sugar, sprinkle with starch and heat to heat. Upon reaching a homogeneous consistency, add chopped ginger and garlic passed through a crusher to the marinade with honey. Cook until sour cream consistency. At the end, you can add salt, add pepper.

Delicate yoghurt marinade

It goes best with grilled chicken dishes. We need:

a teaspoon of mustard and honey;
2 tbsp. l. yogurt (homemade, but store-bought without flavoring is also suitable);
half a lemon;
a pair of garlic cloves;
spices to taste.

Chop or press the garlic finely. Pour yogurt into a container, squeeze lemon there, add mustard, honey, spices. In this case, the marinade with honey is made without heating, so it is better to take the honey thinner.

Honey lemon marinade

The sweet and sour combination is ideal for grilled red fish. For cooking you will need:

1 lemon;
2 tbsp. l. honey and olive oil;
salt, seasonings to taste (you can also take special fish seasoning from the store);
100 ml. soy sauce.

Pour soy sauce into a saucepan, add oil, squeeze lemon, add honey and season. Heat until honey is melted.