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Tea with honey is a truly healing drink. Almost everyone knows that it is useful for colds, but its medicinal properties are not limited to this. It removes toxins from the body and helps to recover from stress, an illness or a violent party. A glass of this drink with honey at night tones up and gives you a restful sleep. It is also irreplaceable as a means of strengthening the immune system, which is important all year round. Moreover, it is the best way to deal with the first signs of a cold. And the substance tannin contained in it has a local anti-inflammatory and disinfecting effect, therefore it should be used for diseases of the oral cavity.

Tea with honey, drunk in the morning, will help you lose weight due to its ability to muffle hunger and normalize metabolism. Scientists have shown that the glucose contained in honey does not require additional efforts of the body for processing. Penetrating into the body, it has a beneficial effect on the internal organs and the brain, nourishes it and promotes effective mental work.

What is the best honey for drinking with tea?

You can take absolutely any variety: buckwheat, lime, acacia. Honey will transfer part of its taste and aroma to the drink, therefore, the main criterion for choosing is personal preferences. You can also take tea to your taste – both green and herbal are suitable. However, contrary to popular misconception, even with a cold, tea with honey should not be drunk hot. Already at 40oC honey loses its beneficial properties, which means that you will not get the desired effect. Therefore, either eat honey in a bite, or wait until the tea has cooled down to at least body temperature – then it will retain all the vitamins and trace elements.

Honey tea recipes vary. Add other natural ingredients there, combine them – and you not only get bright and unusual tastes, but you can also enhance the healing effect of honey.

Honey ginger tea

Put a few pieces of ginger root, tea leaves in a teapot, add water and leave to brew for 10-15 minutes.

Pour into cups, place a slice of lemon on top, or squeeze the lemon juice right there. Drink with honey.

Tea with honey and cinnamon

Prepares in two ways. You can sprinkle ready-made honey tea with cinnamon powder, just like in coffee shops, or you can buy a cinnamon stick, dip it in a cup and stir it a little.

Tea with mint and honey

Place a couple of mint leaves in the bottom of a cup and top with freshly brewed tea (preferably black). When it cools down – add a spoonful of honey.

This refreshing honey tea can be drunk chilled, which is especially valuable on summer days.