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Askinsky district

Regions for the collection of honey "Berestov A.S."

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Tatyshlinsky district
Askinsky district
Yanaul district
Mishkinsky district
Karaidel district
Nurimanovsky district
Baltachevsky district
Buraevsky district
Birsk District
Igpinsky district
Dyurtyulinsky district
Burzyansky district

Askinsky district

Askinsky district is one of the most northern and remote from the metropolitan centers of the republic. Most of the territory of the region is occupied by the Askinsky reserve and hunting and fishing economy. Vast areas occupied by deciduous forests consisting of linden and willow, interspersed with wild berry bushes of raspberries, rose hips and currants.

Linden honey “Bashkirkhan” Berestov A.S. “ from the Askinsky region has a clean, delicate taste and has a very wide list of useful properties – it cures colds, helps with respiratory diseases, is able to energize for the whole day.