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Mishkinsky district

Regions for the collection of honey "Berestov A.S."

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Tatyshlinsky district
Askinsky district
Yanaul district
Mishkinsky district
Karaidel district
Nurimanovsky district
Baltachevsky district
Buraevsky district
Birsk District
Igpinsky district
Dyurtyulinsky district
Burzyansky district

Mishkinsky district

Mishkinsky district is located in the northern part of the Republic. The Mishkinsky state nature reserve is of particular value for beekeeping. 50% of its territory, which is more than 13 hectares, is mainly lime, willow, maple and birch forests. In addition, the Mishkinsky region is especially rich in natural water sources – these are rivers, rivulets, streams, swamps, karst lakes and springs.

The unique taste of Linden honey from “Berestov AS” from the Mishkinsky district has a special subtlety.