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Burzyansky district

Regions for the collection of honey "Berestov A.S."

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Tatyshlinsky district
Askinsky district
Yanaul district
Mishkinsky district
Karaidel district
Nurimanovsky district
Baltachevsky district
Buraevsky district
Birsk District
Igpinsky district
Dyurtyulinsky district
Burzyansky district

Burzyansky district

Burzyansky District is located in the least developed central part of the South Urals. Beekeeping is well developed in the region. A significant part of the region’s territory is occupied by the Bashkir and Shulgan-Tash reserves, which were created to preserve and study the population of the Burzyan bee.

Larch forests are located at an altitude of over 550 m above sea level. Mountain steppe meadows are located on the southern and eastern slopes. The main honey plant is linden.