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Buraevsky district

Regions for the collection of honey "Berestov A.S."

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Tatyshlinsky district
Askinsky district
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Mishkinsky district
Karaidel district
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Baltachevsky district
Buraevsky district
Birsk District
Igpinsky district
Dyurtyulinsky district
Burzyansky district

Buraevsky district

Buraevsky district is located in the north-west of the republic. The area belongs to the forest-steppe agricultural zone.

Broad-leaved forests of willow, maple, birch, linden, oak occupy 17% of the total area. About 81% of the land fund is agricultural land (wheat, buckwheat, rye). The climate is moderately continental, slightly arid, with warm summers and not very cold winters, creates favorable conditions for rich honey collection from the most valuable and curative melliferous plants: linden, angelica, willowweed, cornflower, oregano, whorled sage.