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Nurimanovsky district

Regions for the collection of honey "Berestov A.S."

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Nurimanovsky district
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Nurimanovsky district

The most valuable nature monument protected by the state – Lake Upankul – speaks about the environmental friendliness of the Nurimanovsky district. Among the usual lake aquatic vegetation in the lake, an endemic plant grows – the Ural water nut. In Bashkortostan, it grows only in this place.

The northern and eastern parts of the Nurimanov district are practically not inhabited by humans, fields and taiga, mountains and flooded meadows, rich in linden, melilot, little tea and medicinal plants and shrubs (raspberries, chicory, etc.)

The purest springs and fresh air of Nurimanovsky district saturate the rich herbs with the power of nature itself, transferring it to the real Bashkir honey “Bashkirkhan Linden” Berestov AS “.