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Temryuk district

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Temryuk district

The Temryuk region is located in the southwestern part of the Krasnodar Territory on the Taman Peninsula and is washed by two seas – the Azov and the Black, along the Kerch Strait it borders on Ukraine.

Occupying a small area – about 2 thousand square kilometers – part of the Kuban land, it is a completely unique corner of Russia in all respects. Harmoniously combining the beauty of nature, the richest flora and fauna.

The climate here is moderately humid, with pronounced features of the maritime and, to a lesser extent, continental, characterized by an abundance of sunny days, mainly in summer and autumn. Temryuk is one of the sunniest areas of the region – 235 days a year.

The vegetation cover of Taman is represented by the remnants of several variants of steppes, meadows, grassy marshes, aquatic vegetation of estuaries, vegetation of sandy coasts and spits, salt marshes and a small area of ​​deciduous forest. Most of the steppes are plowed up. In the floodplain of the Kuban River, forests of willow, pear, apple, etc. grow. Low-growing trees and shrubs are found along the ravines of the Azov coast, in the Oak Market tract, near the station. Golubitskaya, along the old channel of the Kuban. In addition, bushes are scattered along the slopes of the Taman Ridges.

Here grow Tatar maple, pedunculate oak, rough elm, hawthorn, rose hips, thorns, etc. The herb cover is represented by feather grass, wormwood, purple orchis, ground reed grass, eastern arum, noble yarrow, tapchan, etc. There are rare and disappearing plants. mackerel yellow, goose onion, common burial ground, low carnation, fiery gorislight, legume, feather grass, wild rye, etc. More than 780 species of plants grow in wetlands.

In total, over 1000 different plant species grow on the territory of the region.