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Karaidel district

Regions for the collection of honey "Berestov A.S."

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Tatyshlinsky district
Askinsky district
Yanaul district
Mishkinsky district
Karaidel district
Nurimanovsky district
Baltachevsky district
Buraevsky district
Birsk District
Igpinsky district
Dyurtyulinsky district
Burzyansky district

Karaidel district

Karaidel region is located in the northern part of Bashkortostan. The area is rich in forests of fir, pine, birch, oak, linden. One of the most picturesque rivers flows through the territory of Karaidel district – the Yuryuzan River.

Due to the large differences in altitude and the mild humid climate in the Karaidel region, more than 250 species of melliferous plants grow, some of which are relics of past geological eras and are listed in the Red Book: coriander, mountain bladderwort, siberian zygadenus, calypso bulbous, lady’s slipper spotted, pollen head red, Ural yaskolka, Gerald’s undergrowth, green dicranum, etc.